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Starring BOBBY NORRIS as Prince Charming!

Once Upon a Time, In a land far, far away….. where Princes fall in love with Princesses, and knights appear on shiny white horses to save their damsels in distress…wake up people! Let’s bring this back to reality shall we!

Sophisticated Entertainment devilishly present Tinderella, A take on the traditional family Pantomime Cinderella with a modern twist, this time there is no fairy tale, just the harsh realities of the modern dating world in all its glory, all beautifully mixed together with hilarious adult humour and naughty innuendos, be sure to leave your kids at home as this show is strictly for over 18s! Grab a wine from the bar, laugh and get involved with our incredibly wicked adult pantomime!

An all singing, all dancing, comedy show at its finest! Oh and remember…If you’re easily offended, stay at home!

Recommended age: Strictly 18+

Approximate running time: 2hrs 30mins